Thread Controller-2



From ideas to woven fabric in minutes! The Thread Controller 2, TC-2 ,allows you to produce woven "hard copies" in the hand loom, as an alternative or a supplement to flat simulations on screen or paper. This Window or Mac based environment minimizes training and represents a well tested user-interface. The TC -2  allows you to weave each new design on a different warp density and with new weave structures.

Below are details of dimensions, electrical requirements and possible configurations of TC -2. It is also possible to experiment with module configurations depending on your requirements.

This is Egil signing my loom before it left the production hall in Norway.

Here is my loom prior to being fully connected. I have 2 rolling carts from Ikea. Since this picture was taken I have woven - and I really like them.

On the wall outside my studio space I had a pump house built - so that the vacuum pump can be away and protected. It is ventilated, and on a platform.

Here it is with the door off. Our location requires a shut off right next to it.

Just like the air conditioner unit.

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