How much is it?


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 The loom is priced in Norwegian Kroner. Therefore the price may fluctuate with the

 exchange rate.

  It is priced by weaving width, number of modules and number of back beams.

  You can configure it to fit your needs.

I can help you determine the specifics for your needs if you like.


How long does it take for you to get it?


This depends on how you want to have it shipped. The TC-2 was designed to streamline the production making it less costly to produce.


How is it shipped and how is it delivered?


The loom comes in in a flat packed carton. The DWN team assembled an amazing protective carton system to protect the loom during shipment. For an image of the carton- take a look at the gallery page. You can request that the loom be shipped via air or by sea.



How do you warp it?


There is excellent documentation- videos and animations included in the manual

that will walk you through every step. There are also you tube videos on the TC-2

 and TC-1 channel.

You can warp it back to front or front to back. Essentially, you warp the TC-2 pretty

 much the same way you would warp any loom. The primary difference is that this

 loom requires you to be connected to a computer for this process.



Did you assemble it yourself?


Yes! The development team worked hard to design a loom that can be assembled

 and maintained by you! If you don't feel comfortable or want assistance- I can come

 and install or help you install your loom with you.


How fast is it?


If you are familiar with the TC-1, you will find this loom to be about twice as fast.

We can weave about 600 picks per hour with one shuttle. A lot depends upon you,

 and what you are trying to weave.


Can I maintain it?


The development team for the TC-2 worked hard to make a loom that has few

 requirements for maintenance beyond vacuuming up fuzzies and dust. However,

 should you need to change a heddle or piston or valve...the good news is, you can

 do this! Compared to the TC-1, this loom is a breeze to maintain.

The better news is...once it has settled in.....this is not something you will do often.


What if I wanted to weave fabrics of different densities?


You have 2 options.


1. You can reconfigure the modules you have to increase or decrease the number of

 ends per inch.  This will require you to re-thread the loom.  It is not difficult- simply

 lifting the modules and sliding them back in place. Then use the driver and a

 threading file- as explained in the user manual...and go to it.


2. You can use the warp thinning function in the Loom Driver. This does not require

 you to thread the loom- you will cast out warp ends to reach the number of ends

 per inch that you desire. You will probably have to resize your file.


Can you weave other fabrics beside Jacquard fabric?


Of course!

and yes....you can import your wif files from your weaving software into the driver!



Why isn't it automatic?


Assuming "you" mean- not having to throw shuttles?

The loom was designed to meet the needs of artists, weavers and researchers who

 prefer not to use a power loom because of the advantages of manipulating or

managing yarns by hand. Many functions such as cloth advance, and warp tension-

 once set- are automatically maintained by the loom. You will LOVE winding the

warp beam automatically when you put on a new warp....

no more sore backs and hands!!


How do you get the images or weave design into the loom?


 I use photoshop. I save the file as a .tif. The loom comes with a driver which is

 installed on the computer you use to run the loom. You can use a usb device, or

 navigate to the file on your hard drive to open it in the driver.

The driver can accept, .jpg, .bmp. and .tiff

You can also use a wireless connection to open your files!!!


Can I use a Mac?




Can I use a PC?




Do I need an air compressor?


No. The loom uses a regenerative blower. It is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner

 and can be located 65 feet from the loom in another room or even outside.



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