About Me

I have been affiliated with the TC-2 and TC-1 for about 12 years.

I teach at Eastern Michigan University where we have 2 TC-1 looms.

I own a TC-2. To date, I have woven nearly 100,000 picks on this loom.


In 2013-2014, I spent the year on sabbatical working closely with Vibeke Vestby and the whole Digital Weaving Norway team- training on the maintenance and installation, weaving my own work, assisting with product development by offering feedback as I wove  and traveling to looms throughout Europe where I offered workshops, helped service or installed new looms.


Since returning to the states, I have provided training, installation and maintenance to individual and institutions all over the United States. I am also teaching workshops in my studio.


You can visit my Artist website here:


It has been such a pleasure and privilege to meet and work with my extended TC-2 and TC-1 family.

I hope one day to meet you as well!





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